Global Business Leaders Praise "How Companies Win"

“A persuasive case that winning in today’s market requires an understanding that supply-driven business models of the past will not keep pace with fundamental changes in our global economy and its digitally enabled consumer.”
—Jack Welch

“The rise of social networks has amplified the individual’s voice and this has sparked a revolution in demand. How Companies Win offers real-world solutions that you can implement right now to take advantage of these changes.”
—Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook

"As a client-focused retailer, we are convinced that understanding customers better is key to serving them better. We are in a consumer-led world. Winning companies will be the ones adapting an efficient Demand Chain"
—Lars Oloffson, CEO, Carrefour

“With all of the options shoppers have today, it’s critically important to understand demand. It’s how you satisfy your customers better than your competitors. It’s the way companies will win.”
—Brian Cornell, President & CEO, Sam’s Clubs

"How Companies Win shows how to successfully manage in the future. Its fresh look at data and the case histories will stimulate the imagination of every business leader."
—Mary Dillon, President & CEO, US Cellular (former CMO, McDonald’s)

“The authors' discussion of Precision as the 5th P adds a powerful new tool for marketers. It aligns exactly with our strategy of precision marketing.”
—Joseph Tripodi, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Coca-Cola Corporation

“Calhoun and Kash have taken on the biggest business question of all: what it will take for companies to win in this new era of growing oversupply and heightened global competition. The conclusions they reach are eye-opening. And they serve as a warning that every executive – and every investor -- should shift their focus to the Demand Chain right now or risk losing their competitive edge.”
— Henry R. Kravis, Co-Founder of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.

“The authors’ got it right. Profitable growth is the real driver of value creation. Showing how companies will (can) grow is the book’s real contribution.
— Jim Jenness, chairman and former CEO of the Kellogg Company

“As consumer behaviors change more quickly all the time, demand must be analyzed in greater depth than ever before. Understanding how media companies, retailers and manufacturers work together to serve demand with much greater precision will be key to the success of all companies going forward.”
— Leslie Moonves, President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation

“The lessons of yesterday will not pave a path to the future. Those who adapt to, and understand, the new rules and new models will ultimately win. The authors underscore the need to look at the world and its changing dynamics in a whole new way.”
— Ajay Banga, President & CEO MasterCard

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