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How Companies Win named among 2010's "Best Books for Business Owners" by Fast Company

"In an economy of chronic oversupply, business success depends on capturing pools of high-profit demand. Rick Kash and David Calhoun explain how to divine what customers need and why they buy the way they do."

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Until recently, making things better, faster, and cheaper was the secret to growth. But with supply outstripping demand, companies have to identify the most profitable customers.
     » Five books "that can actually help you run your business" (CNN Money, November 1, 2011) 

"Customer need is a necessary but wholly insufficient level of consumer or customer understanding in order to compete," says Kash. "What one needs is to understand not just current demand but latent and emerging demand. If you wait to ask your customer what they need, you are already too late because they are telling your competitor the same thing they told you. You're at parity."
     » Developing a Demand-Driven Business (IndustryWeek, October 11, 2011)

"After 200 to 300 years of a supply-based economy, we are moving to a demand-based economy," says Kash.
Automakers Leading the Shift to a 'Demand-Based Economy' (IndustryWeek, September 22, 2011)

"Demand Revolution is more than a business and a human revolution, it is a geographic revolution, a gender revolution and a technology revolution." -Rick Kash
Preparing for the Demand Revolution (Convenience Store Decisions, June 2011)

"The idea is to go from marketing to fulfilling." -Rick Kash
     » Where is your most profitable demand? (Hindu Business Line, June 2011)

"The solution must go beyond tightening the screws still further on the supply chain. Now, the precision must occur on the demand side of the equation." -Rick Kash and David Calhoun
The Fifth P (Sales & Marketing Management, May 2011)

"The revolutionary, demand-driven business model, described in the book, has proven successful in some of the world’s most prestigious companies."
     » Total Innovation (Mai Piac, April 2011 [Hungarian Language])

"If a company adopts the demand-driven business model, it is necessary that the whole company be involved, not just this or that area, such as marketing and sales"
      » The product must suit the consumer, not the other way around, says expert (, March 2011, Portuguese Language)

"The world had seen three great economic revolutions: the industrial revolution that is a few hundred years old. The 30 odd year old tech revolution in which you can still participate and the demand revolution that is currently unfolding in which you can become an active participant and change agent." -Rick Kash
Seizing The Demand Revolution To Create Marketing And Advertising Strategies That Deliver Profits (Orissa Business News, March 2011)

"[E]very company says consumers and their evolving needs are already their prime concern. 'Not so,' says Kash. 'Many products are created and then pushed out to market; too many retailers are stocked with products that for a whole range of reasons aren’t quite right for the kind of shopper they’re attracting.'"
     » Topsy Turvy: Reorientating Supply and Demand (ESOMAR Research World, February 2011)

"'You must be able to answer the question, 'What do I know about the demand of my most profitable customer that my competitor doesn't know?'' said Kash."
     » The Future is Right Now (, February 2011)

"When supply far outpaces demand, as it does today and will do so in the foreseeable future, winning companies will anticipate the demands of their customers long before their competitors do."
     » Review: How Companies Win (Consulting Magazine, January 2011)

"Rick Kash and David Calhoun [...] see opportunity instead of doom for companies of all shapes and sizes. They give examples of familiar companies like McDonald's, Best Buy and Hershey's. But there are lessons in there for small business as well."
How Companies Win: Transforming How You Look at Supply and Demand (Small Business Trends, January 2011)

"Seen in their full impact, social media and networks have the potential to completely bypass the traditional business-to-consumer marketing relationship and shift toward a new, consumer-to-consumer marketplace." -Rick Kash
The 'Re-Evolution' of Demand (Advertising Age, December 2010)

» Video: Rick Kash on CNBC Europe
(December 2010)

"Today, you first have to understand demand. Then you take your current or new supply and align it with the demand that gives you the most profit" -Rick Kash
     » "The Demand Economy", Inc., November 2010

"Success in business almost always depends upon fulfilling your current and future customers' demands and desires. But as America's biggest brewer, Anheuser-Busch, discovered, that's more easily said than done"
How Anheuser-Busch Untapped the Power of Latent Demand (Fast Company, November 2010)

"...all of the forces are now in play to kick off a major new business revolution, one built upon the new primacy of demand, and one that features new tools, technologies and organizations."
     » A Revolution in the Works (, November 17, 2010)

"Adding 'precision' to your business model will help uncover the most potentially profitable customers and opportunities."
     » How Companies Win excerpt (1to1media, November 2010)

"In a new digital age characterised by oversupply and too many product types in almost every market, the authors show how to use everything from social networks to more revealing and effective consumer research techniques"
Snapshots - How Companies Win (Malaysian Star, November 2010)

"Companies that win in the future will do so in a very different way than they have achieved success in the past."
     » Shelf Life - How Companies Win (Tucson Citizen, November 2010)

"How Companies Win by Rick Kash and David Calhoun is recommended reading for executives facing the need to grow revenues in a sluggish economy."
     » How Companies Win, a book review, (Gartner, October 2010)

Rick Kash interview with Michael Ray Dresser (Dresser After Dark)
     » Download the audio

"Innovation is often based on the simplest ideas and often this means learning from the example of other sectors and industries."
     » Case Study: Allstate's Transformation, by Rick Kash and David Calhoun (Financial Times, October 20, 2010)

"In Kash's view, many executives mistakenly define innovation much too narrowly..."
    » "Leading Innovation: Five Easy Steps" (CIOZone, September 23, 2010)

"Kash and Calhoun have the answer: a revolutionary, demand-driven model that has already proven successful for some of the world’s most admired companies"
   » "How Companies Win" Review at David Forrest's InnovationWatch. (September 2010)

"The CFO must become much more involved in developing the growth strategy of the business, in partnership with sales and marketing, using financial techniques such as risk assessment, forward analysis and the discipline of resource allocation." -Rick Kash
    » "Number cruncher to co-pilot" (Financial Times, September 8, 2010)

"The most lusted-after managerial star ... David Calhoun"
   » "Rising Star: David Calhoun, General Electric," (Fortune, January 24, 2006)

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