Management 101

Eight sets of beliefs that will make your company win

1. Attitude. You have to believe that now or in the near future you will win with this plan versus that of your competitors. Why do you believe that? There are many factors that can convince you, from the rigorous tools of analytics, to experience, and the 'gut feel' of intuition.

2. Realism. A Thesis for Winning must be grounded in fact versus opinion, real action versus being merely theoretical, pragmatic versus ideal. It must reflect your company’s real capabilities, not those you wish it had. And it must be grounded in the real-life facts of your industry, your customers and your competitors.

3. Congruence. Management must be comfortable with this Thesis because it reflects who they are and how they want to win.  

4. Measurement. You can create metrics to track your Thesis vis-à-vis your competitors. If you cannot measure the performance of your Thesis for Winning, then it is unrealistic.

5. Resources. You allocate resources to your Thesis. If you can’t back your plan with capital and people, it’s not realistic.

6. Demand. Your Thesis for Winning is grounded in the knowledge that at each point, and with every new initiative, it will uniquely satisfy customer demand.  

7. Difference. Your Thesis for Winning must be differentiated from your competitors.  No two companies are exactly alike, even if they are competing in the same market, so their Theses should not be alike either.

8. Ratification. You must ensure both that your employees are aligned with your Thesis for Winning, and your customers support it. This, in turn, means that your Thesis must not be secret or closely held by only top management; rather, it should be broadcast to every stake holder to ensure that everyone has the same goals and expectations.

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