Does Your Company Look Like a Winner?

1. You think of your company as a digital business and look beyond traditional forms of media. If not, you are destined to be outdated.

2. You start by understanding consumer needs first, versus merchandising, and product strategies.

3. It taps into adjacent tastes, communities and demographics around your business.

4. It’s meeting the unmet needs of its consumers, and its consumers’ consumers.

5. It recognizes that even a month of lost First User advantage can be hugely expensive.

6. Its demand-oriented marketing is in alignment with its media spend across all channels. 

7. It knows where to hunt for the next profit opportunity: the conversation isn’t just about how the company is serving its customers and consumers now, but next –especially opportunities your competitors haven’t yet identified.

8. Your company, its network and the media merge together around the common denominator of the consumer and the collection of needs they are seeking to satisfy.  The media’s job is to precisely deliver your message to the consumer.

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